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Nfca Nepal

The cultural movement will not be established and developed until there is an active and endless group of cultural workers at the public level who contribute to the transformation, modernization, and awareness of song, music, dance, and folk culture. Today, there is a need for a transformative, scientific, and collective awareness campaign to run the society against the prevailing reactionary thoughts and influences on culture and beliefs.

Therefore, to promote such a cultural movement on a national level, the National Folk Culture Association was established. The National Folk Cultural Association is a common and independent public organization of patriotic, democratic, and progressive thinking and goals, anti-feudalism, democratic nationalism, and freedom-loving cultural workers.


"objective" or "goal"


This organization is a non-profit, community-oriented social and cultural organization that actively promotes the scientific mindset and behavior to build a national culture that opposes traditional unscientific and superstitious practices as well as imported distortions.

It works to make the people's cultural movement dynamic, organized, and developed.

The policy of equality and religious neutrality against caste-based discrimination and gender bias will be adopted.

Efforts towards linguistic equality and development by promoting inter-caste harmony and cultural regulation. Stand firm in support of the nation's independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity,  and a self-reliant national economy while resisting all forms of inequalities, compromises, and both domestic and foreign efforts and activities that are against the country. Raise voices in favor of just struggles related to various political, economic, social, and cultural problems of the Nepali people.

Raise your voice against any type of prohibitions that undermine people's fundamental rights and violate human rights.


To raise voices for the full autonomy and democratization of cultural organizations run by the state, such as Prajna Pratishthan, cultural institutions, Radio Nepal, and Nepal Television, and to play an effective role in making non-private communication media public.

Supporting the struggles of people in various countries around the world for national and social liberation and justice.

Based on the mentioned programs and objectives, promoting broad and strong unity, mutual understanding, and rights of democratic and progressive cultural activists in the country. Running effective cultural movements and furthering efforts to expand nationwide grassroots organizations.

Collaborating and supporting non-governmental national and international organizations with similar goals and objectives.